Wednesday’s Child: Paul and Christina

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MEDFORD, Ore. — NewsWatch12 is restarting our Wednesday’s Child segments under the banner of our Kids in Crisis Campaign. For the rest of this month and beyond, we will be bringing you examples of how children are struggling in our community as well as how you can help.

Paul and Christina are two energetic and engaging kids looking for a forever family. These two are not short on energy. Keeping up with them was a challenge. Paul is 8 and Christina is 7. She is all about Barbies, Princess and the Popstar Barbie to be specific, and the space in her smile that arrived for the holidays. She loves to swim.

Paul seems happy to let Christina do most of the talking. He’s a man of action: cutting wood, mowing the lawn and riding his bike. Their current home has three dogs, Bella’s is the largest and apparently the toughest for Christina to handle.

Bella may have the upper hand in tug of war, but it sounds like Christina can hold her own with her brother. Sibling spats aside, these two kids love school, and have no major health issues, despite mutual their love of candy and chili dogs.

We’re hoping they’ll soon have a forever family so they can begin living the lives they deserve. NewsWatch12 would like to thank the Science Factory for their help in this segment. If you’re interested in learning more Paul and Christina, or adoption or foster care, contact the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division at 776-6120 ask for extension 264.