Kids Find Fossils at Crater Rock Museum

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – Kids are learning about the life cycles of dinosaurs, and preservation of their history at a local museum. The Crater Rock Museum featured fossils for Kids Day this Saturday.

Visitors took a lesson to find out what fossils are, and how they are uncovered. Then kids were brought through the Fossil Room to see real artifacts that have been sent to the museum from all over the world. Visitors to the Fossil Room can watch new fossils being cleaned with a sand blower through a window into the lab.

Pamela Sasseen is one of the organizers of Kids Day at the Crater Rock Museum. She says the curator regularly brings in new exhibits to encourage kids to enjoy science.
“The children that come in, they’re really interested in learning about fossils, dinosaurs, and sunstones anything to do with earth sciences. And that’s our mission, the museum’s mission statement is to provide education” said Sasseen.

The Crater Rock Museum offers free admission for children on Kids Day which is the second Saturday of every month.