Kidney Failure Possibly Linked To Spice

MEDFORD, Ore. – A drug, which has grown in popularity and is now illegal, comes with a new warning.

Toxicologists with Oregon Healthy Authority and Oregon Health and Science University are asking all specialists and doctors to report back to them if someone has kidney failure after using synthetic marijuana, commonly called “spice”.

Some doctors believe it’s not the main ingredients but rather additives that has caused kidney failure in six Oregonians.

“Is there something in the current strains that people are getting out there that has more fungus and pesticide in it,” speculates psychiatrist Dr. James Hammel. “I also wonder if these are just being misdiagnosed. Is it possible that what we’re seeing are actually synthetic cathanones or bath salts.”

The people who used the drug and had kidney failure in Clackamas, Washington, Marion, Douglas and Clark Counties.