Workouts in Extreme Heat

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ASHLAND, Ore. — NewsWatch 12 checked in with cross-fit coaches this morning to find out how to keep your workouts on track in these high temperatures.

Doctors recommend staying out of the extreme heat as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean skipping daily workouts. It’s obviously easier to workout in the morning or at night, when the temperatures are cooler. But if the afternoon is the only time to get in some exercise, trainers said you shouldn’t skip it.

They recommend staying hydrated with water and drinks with high electrolyte counts. Trainers also recommend trying strengthening exercises over high-intensity workouts. If you’re used to running in the sun, cross-fit coaches said you can still go the same distance, just keep a reasonable pace.

Ben Chew, a cross-fit coach in Ashland said, “If you’re normally running a seven minute mile for your daily run, maybe scale it back to a nine minute mile, 10 minute mile, make sure you’re still getting your work in, but not driving yourself to the point of passing out.”

Cross-fit coaches said the heat does make it more difficult, but it’s very important to do some type of daily workout, even if it’s just going through motions.