Keeping Safe When Outdoors for Labor Day

Fourth of July campingCLEVELAND, Ohio. — For many people Labor Day weekend is just a work day away, and that means it’s almost time to hit the trails. If you plan on going camping this weekend, experts say, make sure you’re prepared.

A university of Texas panel recently put together recommendations on how to best treat wilderness wounds. The panel says the best way to manage outdoor injuries is to control bleeding and minimize the risk of infection, all while reducing discomfort.

Researchers also say, many wounds in the wilderness may be simple to treat, but a lack of resources can make it challenging. That’s why they say the first aid kit is just as important as the camping tent.

Tom Waters with the Cleveland Clinic explains what it takes to keep people safe outdoors. “It’s important to put together a little first aid kit before you go and if you don’t want to do that most sporting goods stores and camping stores have pre-fabricated first aid kits that have, pretty much, everything you need right in there,” explains Waters.

Researchers recommend anyone with serious injuries, like open fractures or wounds showing signs of infection, to seek immediate medical attention.