Kassi Conditt: Amateur AotW

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – In sports, success is often based on a matter of inches. For Oregon Tech’s Kassi Conditt the inches. and feet, keep piling up.

“The whole motion of throwing is pure technique so if I mess up one thing, that could turn 44 feet into 42 just like that,” said Conditt. “One little thing can ruin the whole throw or make it great.”

For Conditt, it’s mostly great. In the shot put, she broke the school record her freshman year with a throw of 43 feet, 3.25 inches. Since then, Conditt added to her own record four times, as recently as Saturday with a throw of 45 feet, 6.25 inches.

“I’m not necessarily trying to beat the school record or anything,” said Conditt, “but at this point any time I do better, I break the record because I have it.”

In the discus ring or shot put circle, the Owls’ junior displays a unique combination of speed., agility, and power.

“Her athleticism right now, the quickness and agility that she has, that she’s worked so hard to enhance her natural abilities has been the real difference right now,” said Oregon Tech coach Jack Kegg.

Perhaps the difference between 43 feet and 45 feet, but that athleticism extends into another arena, where Conditt’s an All-Conference post for the Owls’ basketball team.

“There’s a lot of crossover actually,” said Conditt. “The workouts that I do to prepare myself to get explosiveness and quickness across the ring in track translates into basketball.”

“She’s just worked tremendously and developed into a phenomenal two-sport athlete here at Oregon Tech,” said basketball coach Scott Meredith. “This year she came into our fall practices in the best shape of her life.”

She says she can’t imagine a life without sports. She also played volleyball in high school.