Kandi Crow Sentenced to 40 Days in Jail

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Josephine County woman who abused hundreds of animals on her property learned her fate Wednesday.

At the Josephine County Courthouse, a judge sentenced Kandi Crow to 40 days in jail for abusing and neglecting hundreds of animals on her property in Cave Junction September 2012. Crow also received five years of probation with no supervision. Her sentence means she can no longer have any contact with or own any animals.

Crow also does not have to pay any restitution. When Josephine County seized the animals on her property, Animal Control held an auction. The event covered the restitution costs and generated an extra $80,000.

“She had made an agreement with our office back in October 2012 that her restitution would be capped at approximately 44 thousand dollars…a little over 44 thousand dollars,” explained deputy district attorney, Ryan Mulkins.

One community member, named Marty Knowles, who sat in court Wednesday has followed Crow’s case ever since the animals were seized. He now owns two of Crow’s horses. The horse owner tells NewsWatch 12 he believes Crow has not learned her lesson, but says there are many community members who are keeping their eye on her.

“She ticked off a big chunk of this community. I mean, there are hundreds of people around here, there are people all over the western U.S. that are aware of what she’s done,” said Knowles.

The state could have required Crow to undergo psychological counseling, but that was not part of her sentence. Before the sentencing, Crow had several animals on her property, but she has transferred ownership of her property to her daughter. Crow and her husband say they will be moving.

Crow’s attorneys also spoke up in court, telling the judge all of the animals on her property have been removed.


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  1. Ruby says:

    Forty days for what they called the worst animal hoarding case in Josephine County?! I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a trip to Disneyland…

    Hmm…I guess that here in Oregon you CAN get away with murder.

    1. Sharon says:

      She’s a very sick person. Now, she says she’ll be moving. Will she do it again, when she moves? They let her off with too light of a sentence.

  2. Sue says:

    Someday the punishments will actually fit the crimes, I pray! Slap on the wrist for what was done to hundreds of innocents! Can they at least throw her in a extremely small cage w/no food or water or hygiene during those 40 days.? Oh, but that would be “cruelty”- I say “Any eye for an eye”!

  3. Adam says:

    It’s shameful to see what sort of sentence this particular animal abuser has received. Probation without supervision, animals on her property who ‘belong’ to her daughter, no restitution, no mental health counseling, etc., etc. This atrocious behavior basically just got a slap on the wrist.

    I applaud all persons keeping an eye on this heinous abuser, as certainly law enforcement and the courts could truly not care less. It’s time to have a database for animal abusers, similar to those for sexual offenders. Animals are innocent and cannot even speak out for themselves; it is up to us as caretakers to look out for their well being. If you cannot help them, at least do them no harm.

  4. Tony says:

    This is a very sick old woman who needs time – serious time – in a mental institution. A permanent ban on animal ownership, or even being around animals, should also be put into effect. How will she be stopped otherwise, with such a light sentence as this? This is terrible judicial behavior, as bad as the abuser herself.

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