Juvenile Inmates Helps Sick Child

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Highschool students across Southern Oregon “adopt” a child through the Sparrow Club and help raise money for the family.

But juvenile inmates are now doing the same at the Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility. It’s the first time any members with the Oregon Youth Authority has raised money for a child. Their goal was to raise a thousand dollars for 2 year-old Lilliana Maupin.

Maupin was born with hydrocephalus, a condition where there is an abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. It causes pressure inside the skull, which results in the enlargment of the head. Lilliana also has dysphasia, which is a brain injury causing impaired speech. She’s Hidden Valley Highschool’s sparrow child.

After hearing her story, staff at the Grants Pass youth facility decided to help. They raised money through their bake sales, and showed support that money couldn’t buy.

At a basketball tournment with Oregon Youth Authortiy facilities across Oregon, the Grants Pass team dedicated their game to Lilliana. They brought home the sportsmanship award.

“A lot of people have gone through stuff in their life, but  when you look at a little 2 year-old going through that type of stuff, it’s like your whole reaction to everything else you’re going through changes,” explained youth facility member, Eric Smith.

As for the facility’s goal, they raised over a thousand dollars for the child.