Juvenile Cited for Illegal Hawk Shooting

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A 16-year old male was cited by Oregon State Police (OSP) last weekend following a report of a red-tail hawk shot in the Swan Lake area near Klamath Falls.

According to Sergeant Randy Hand on Sunday, January 20th an OSP Fish & Wildlife trooper responded to a report from a local landowner that two juvenile males were involved in the shooting of a hawk on his property. Authorities say both of the males tried to flee the area following the incident. The trooper found the dead hawk, later contacted the two juveniles, and then cited one of them for Unlawful Take of Protected Species.

Hand said there have been several past reports of hawk and eagle killings in the area during this time of the year. Anyone who witnesses these types of crimes or has information related to these investigations is advised to call OSP or the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.