July 10 Forecast

High pressure remains in the area for the next couple of days keeping hot temperatures across the region. Tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week with some places in the valleys and northern California getting the chance to reach the triple digits.  Winds will be strong along the coast for the next couple of days until the ridge starts to shift back to the east.  Today could see gusts up to 30 mph and tomorrow 35 mph.  Areas of marine layer fog are possible late tonight into early tomorrow morning, the area most influenced by the fog will be the coast, but some inland areas may be impacted as well.

As we move into the second half of the week and the weekend we see two low pressure systems start to make their way to our area. The first will be a cut-off low and will linger over our area through the weekend bringing a bit of relief from the heat.  The second will join in later this weekend forming a trough that will bringing temperatures back to the lower-90s by next week. 

As we approach the weekend we do increase the chances for thunderstorms, more so east of the Cascades, but there is enough instabilities in the valleys that there may be an isolated thunderstorm there as well.  Instability is fairly high all week long but what we’re missing is the moisture to form clouds and thunderstorms.  Until the moisture become more available this weekend we’ll be seeing hazy conditions until then.  Haze forms the same way clouds do, but when there isn’t enough moisture in the air for condensation occur, then the air parcels that rise and expand distort the light that passes through…hence haze.

Since tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week, remember to stay cool and hydrated!  Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and seek help immediately if you or someone you see experiences either.  The biggest difference is heat exhaustion is accompanied by profuse sweating while heat stroke there is a lake of sweating.

Thanks for logging on and have a great rest of you Tuesday!

Meteorologist Megan Parry