Juice Bar Opens In Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. –┬áHealth enthusiasts are posting, tweeting, and pinning about the latest health craze: “juicing.”

The process starts by pressing pounds of whole fruits and vegetables into a couple servings of juice. The sudden popularity is prompting juice bars to open in cities all over the country. NW Raw in Ashland is a new business serving pressed juices to customers in our area.

Juicing enthusiasts argue the nutrition people get from a fresh pressed juice can help with several health ailments including anxiety, arthritis, and immune system deficiency problems. Nearly everything in the produce department can be juiced, but some people worry that by liquefying their fruits and vegetables, they are losing daily doses of fiber. Most juicing machines extract the juice and leave behind the pulp, which contains fiber. Doctors advise keeping solid fruits and vegetables in your diet even if you’re planning to drink a pressed juice every day.

Web Staunton, the owner of NW Raw explained, “Juice is a great supplement for people. So let’s say you have a hard time sitting down to eat all the right foods, which most people do. If you have a juice, you’re able to get all your vegetables and your fruit in a serving or two.”