Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued

EUGENE, Ore. — Same-sex couples in Oregon can get married starting now. U.S. District Judge Michael McShane ruled Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Click here for the judge’s full ruling.

The National Organization for Marriage filed an Emergency Request for Stay Monday morning, which would’ve halted McShane’s decision. The emergency motion was denied a few hours later by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Jackson County Clerk’s office has already seen several couples applying for marriage licenses.



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  1. Rainbow Warrior says:

    FINALLY!! Congratulations to all who want to participate in marriage, with no discrimination. This is a surprisingly long time coming for Oregon, but nevertheless very much appreciated for all involved. Now let’s do something about domestic violence and the continued inequality for women in the workplace.

  2. Sandi Barnett says:

    Okay, Why do me vote, the Federal judge can just overturns anything that they wont to, Not even caring that we vote it down, and a gay judge can heard the case and says no Oregon, can not do that. Wait a minute we are a free country and we vote on thing to make laws, this Did not pass and it was not even a close vote, and a Judge who because of his by-ice feelings, should not have be allowed to here this case, and set.on the bench, for this case. How can our votes be cancelled out because 4 people filed a suit and all the votes of all the people that voted on this, our votes do not count, this is so, under American, and our laws and courts are so, Not
    what the Founding Fathers Thought They Where Setting Up For Us… What Ever Happened To Us The People???? I guess its now, we the Judges. and Our Tax Dollars Pay There Salary’s, when things like this happens, it must be time to chance the way judges are elected, and change the judges. There are not We The People!!!!

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