Judge Stops Greenery from Selling Pot

5-19 greeneryPHOENIX, Ore. — A Jackson County Judge issued an injunction against The Greenery in Phoenix today. The injunction blocks the medical marijuana dispensary from giving medicine to its patients. The judge stated that Federal law is the reason he decided to uphold the injunction, because pot is illegal federally, he felt justified in his decision.

The judge’s decision comes after the City of Phoenix filed a restraining order against The Greenery to force them to comply with city law. Just recently, the Dispensary managers said they voluntarily stopped selling medical marijuana to its patients, pending today’s court date.

Following the injunction filed today, The Greenery is not allowed to operate as a medical marijuana facility.

Managers of The Greenery are going back to the drawing board now, pending their provisional license from the State becoming a full license once the business’s security cameras are signed off on.