Judge Sides With PRS

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Leadership at the Rogue Valley Manor could soon change. A judge ruled in favor of Pacific Retirement Services, the manor’s corporate partner. The manor created PRS more than two decades ago and due to a number of different financial disagreements they recently asked to separate themselves from that organization.

In response, PRS placed the manor’s executive director on administrative leave and to fire the rest of the board. Thursday, a Jackson County Judge ruled in favor of PRS. The attorney who represented the board says he expects the company to replace the current board members Friday night with “yes men” and “yes women”, but he says the people most hurt by this ruling are the residents.

Pacific Retirement Services released a statement regarding the decision: “We are pleased with Judge Arnold’s ruling in this case. This has been a difficult experience for both organizations. We realize there is work that needs to begin immediately with manor resident leadership as we move forward with rebuilding our relationship.”

The boards attorney, Thomas McDermott says that relationship, especially with the residents, could be tough to rebuild. Both the PRS board and the current manor board plan to meet separately on Friday.