Judge Sentences Murderer to Death

4-18-murder-trial-300x168EUGENE, Ore. — A Lane County judge officially handed down the death penalty sentence to David Ray Taylor Tuesday morning.

Jurors in the murder trial recommended death for Taylor on May 15, after convicting him of three counts of aggravated murder and one count of intentional murder, for the murder of 22-year-old Celestino Guiterrez.

Investigators say in 2012, Taylor and two accomplices lured Gutierrez from a bar and tortured and killed him so they could steal his car for a bank robbery.

The jury stated Taylor should be put to death because he is a continuing threat to society.


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  1. milt says:

    Hummmmm I wrote a comment but I don’t see it well wonder why
    again KDRV will not print the truth

  2. Uriah Hix says:

    You must have missed it Ashley, I think you may have accidentally misprinted the details of the conviction on this case! your article reads that this guy was convicted of 3 counts of “murder” for a single Victim. That is impossible it was either 3 different people convicted for the single murder or from what it sounds like in the rest of your article, Maybe Its 3 different charges, 1 count of kidnapping ,1 count of aggravated Assault and 1 count of murder. They cant charge any one person 3 Times for the same crime during a single Court Hearing!

    1. Ashley Hall says:

      Thanks for your note. Actually, he was on trial on four counts of aggravated murder. That is typically the case when prosecutors are not certain on the method of death. Like in the Criado case in Medford a few years ago, the medical examiner couldn’t be certain whether some of the children died by smoke inhalation or stab wounds. In that situation, there is a murder charge for both setting the fire and stabbing and it’s up the jury to decide if there’s evidence for one, the other, both, or neither. That’s how there can be one death, but multiple charges. I hope this helps explain things.

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