Judge Allows Susan Monica to Stand Trial

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A judge found  Susan Monica, who is accused of two murders,  is of sound enough mind to continue with her trial on Monday afternoon.

The question of Monica’s mental state has been a concern for her attorneys after she went against their recommendations several times throughout the investigation.

Those attorneys recommended Monica be evaluated for psychological stability to decide if she would be able to represent herself in her trial. This came after Monica blatantly disregarded her attorneys advice to avoid speaking on her own behalf.

It first happened at her arraignment, when Monica spoke out and asked that her pigs be butchered and donated, despite the judge and her attorney’s asking her to be silent.

Monica’s attorneys also say she has tried to make statements claiming her innocence and self defense.

On Friday in court, Monica said that she was purposefully going against her attorneys recommendations, because she says they have told her to lie in court.

The judge ultimately decided that she was stable enough to continue, but advised her to try to work with her attorneys. The judge also denied Monica’s request for new representation.

Prosecutors say they have evidence that proves Monica killed two people by shooting them in the head. She is accused of killing Robert Haney, and Stephen Frank Delicino, and is facing charges for murder, abuse of a corpse, and identity theft.

Monica will appear in court later this year or early next year for those charges.