Josephine County Weighs Levy Options

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — There’s a little more than 24 hours before ballots are due for Tuesday’s special elections. Josephine County residents have their eye on one measure which would impact county criminal justice departments.

A decision that will impact many county services is in the hands of Josephine County voters. Measure 17-49 is a law enforcement levy which would raise taxes on assessed property value.

The funds will go towards select county criminal justice department such as the district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office. If passed, the public safety budget would be restored to levels from 2011-2012.

Officials say more jail beds could be added, more deputies could be hired and more staff could be hired at the D.A.’s office. If voters deny Measure 17-49, no new funds will be added, however officials say cuts would be a result.

“There would be some additional cuts. The reason being, as each year, as people know anytime you run a business or anything else, expenses go up. So when you have expenses that are increasing, you have to make that adjustment,” said Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker.

If passed, the exact amounts each departments would receive would be determined by the county commissioners. The deadline to drop off your ballot is Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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  1. Matthew A. Eldridge says:

    This is a three year solution. Right now, we have lawlessness and that does not represent the values most people in Josephine County hold. One thing I can conclude, many people don’t have a problem with our Sheriff, rather, there is distrust of the Board of the Commissioners. However, these three members are new to the positions and not part of the old system. So, if you have not cast your ballot, please consider a yes vote for 17-49 because we cannot afford to continue down this road!

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