Josephine County Sees Weapons Permit Boom

By Yessenia Anderson

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — With only a handful of deputies on patrol, Josephine County residents are taking steps to ensure their safety. Officials say applications for concealed handgun licenses have nearly quadrupled in the last few months.

The Sheriff’s Civil Office is now operating with one staff member who only works four days a week for four hours. But during that time, the lines have been out the door for concealed handgun licenses. Traditionally, the civil division has seen about 4 gun applications a day, but recently the office has been taking about 10 applications a day, a 72% increase.

Although more applications have been filed local gun shops say they haven’t felt a big surge of customers. But Lock, Stock and Barrel owner Bud Hopson says more people are looking to repair guns than buy brand new ones. He says his workload has increased substantially since the levy failure.

Sheriff officials say while the lines continue to form the process does not end here. After you apply, a background check is done by Oregon State Police. Sheriff officials say they do not expect the lines to decrease significantly anytime soon.