Josephine County GMO Ban on the Fence

5-21 joco gmoGRANTS PASS, Ore. – Anti-GMO activists in Josephine County are in a bind after last night’s vote. Despite voters overwhelmingly approving a ban on genetically modified crops, that ban can’t be enacted.

A state bill, signed into law last October, prevents local governments from banning GMO crops. While Jackson County’s ballot measure beat the cutoff date, Josephine County didn’t have enough signatures until after the bill took effect.

Ban supporters say they plan to take their case to court and argue for home rule — which would allow local government authority over matters of county concern.

“There is a potential for legal hang-up,” said Mary Middleton, Campaign Coordinator with GMO Free Josephine County. “Ultimately the courts will have to decide what will happen.”

Middleton says the fact that the measure passed will lend support to their legal arguments.

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  1. John Granacki says:

    I think the farmers will comply. If not, then I think certain people and organizations will respond, directly and decisively, secure in the knowledge that there will be no prosecution so long as nothing more than the illegal crops are destroyed.

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