Josephine County Facing Cuts Without Solutions

By Sharon Ko

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — As the Josephine County Sheriff’s Department faces drastic cuts, county officials are discussing ways to prepare for it.

The National Sheriffs’ Association says there’s not much it can do to help Josephine County. By the end of this month, the sheriff’s department will lose dozens of employees and closing several divisions in its department.

The National Sheriff’s Association represents sheriff’s departments across the nation, connecting different departments together giving information and even offering training.

A spokesman says the organization has heard of counties cutting back on patrol vehicles or deputies because of a lack of funding, but has never heard of anything as drastic as Josephine County’s situation. The association says there is not much it can do to help financially on a local level.

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson says the county is facing a slow death without workable solutions. On Tuesday, a Josephine County Commissioner is planning to talk with state legislation to discuss Josephine County’s financial challenges.