Josephine County Discuss Animal Shelter Cuts

By Danielle Craig

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Another victim of budget cuts – the place designated as a safe spot for stray dogs.

The Josephine County Commissioners are looking for ways to continue operating the county Animal Shelter Adoption Services. In the face of budget cuts, a proposal was being considered that would give dogs brought into the shelter only 3 days before being euthanized. Those that appear to have owners will get five days.

“We have no more money in the county, and what I get from general fund is just not enough to support an animal shelter with adoptions,” states Josephine County Public Health Director Diane Hoover.

Without those adoption services, it goes against the county charter that calls for the county to fund a fully operating animal shelter with adoptions. One member of the budget committee says it comes down to the interpretation of the charter.

More than a hundred people flooded the commissioners meeting Wednesday morning, pleading with commissioners to find a way to save the animal’s lives, though the funding is not there. On Wednesday, the commissioners decided to continue talking about options for the shelter that includes privatizing and adding volunteers. The animal shelter will be operating on a budget of $85,000 for the fiscal year.