Josephine County Detours Come Summer

SUNNY VALLEY, Ore. — Anyone who uses the Grave Creek covered bridge or drives on Sunny Valley Loop Road is in for some detours this summer. Josephine County road crews will be making some repairs to the historic 93-year old bridge that will take several months. That means Sunny Valley Loop Road will be closed for about four months.

Public Works director Rob Brandes says even though the bridge has had other repairs in the last 20 years, this work is needed to ensure it’s safety, “The bridge has two trusses underneath it that have been cracked and compromised.”

“It’s a three– it’s a three leaf system, so there’s a redundancy built in, but uh, these 2 trusses need to be fixed. So basically gonna take off the side rails and, and take a cabeling system to put it through there and pull that back tighter and then put the side rails back on to get it back to it’s operating condition.”

The project is expected to start in June. Wednesday night county commissioners are expected to approve an order allowing the road closure.