Josephine County Deputies Face New Challenges

By Sharon Ko

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — With only six deputies patrolling Josephine County, many calls for help are not getting the attention some feel they deserve.

On Friday night, NewsWatch12 tagged along with a deputy to see first-hand what difficulties they face. On average, the deputy says he responds to at least a dozen calls a shift. Deputy Travis Snyder says the dispatcher prioritizes which calls are most important to send him out to, but with only six deputies working covering all of Josephine County is a challenge.

Most of the time, he says it’s a race against the clock to respond or it’s waiting around for a back-up unit to arrive. Deputy Snyder says, since they are responding to multiple calls a shift, they have to wrap up one incident as quickly as they can to make it to the next one.

The deputy says though they are hard-pressed on the job, he encourages people to continue reporting incidents to 911.