Josephine County Could See More Cuts

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Josephine County is no stranger to budget cuts, but the county’s chief financial officer is proposing more reductions for the next fiscal year. These cuts could mean more layoffs and fewer services provided.

Last year Josephine County made plenty of reductions with public safety and the criminal justice system. This week the county’s chief financial officer is proposing the plan for next year’s dollars and more cuts could be on the way.

CFO Rosemary Padgett says the county could potentially have to lay off about 15 more full time employees. She says almost four of those positions will be in the sheriff’s department alone, mainly in rural patrols.

The rest are positions in public health, either eliminating vacancies or changing full time employees to part time employees to reduce costs. Padgett says this plan is based on the known revenue sources that the county has for next year. It doesn’t include any additional funding at all, including the levy that’s up for a vote on May 21st.

“We meet this time every year for the budgets as required by Oregon budget law as every other city and county in the state of Oregon is doing,” said Padgett.

Padgett says the timing of the election actually works as a disadvantage for the budget plan process. It has to be approved in its entirety by June 30th.

The next budget hearing is Tuesday, May 14th. It’s from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Anne Basker Auditorium. The public is welcome. County officials will be discussing public safety and criminal justice dollars.

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  1. Luanna M. Neal says:

    Cutting more personnel from the Sheriff’s rural patrol?!? We rarely received assistance in northwest Josephine County before all the lay-offs, and now we never see them – OSP responds as they are able. You would think these facts would make me an automatic advocate for the justice tax, but no, they do not. When the Sheriff’s Department had a budget, they neglected us – if we vote for the levy, will that guarantee us any service? I highly doubt it. If I believed it would provide us coverage, I would be all for the levy.

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