Josephine County Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli Recalled

On December 6th, 2011, 71% of Josephine County voters elected to remove Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli from office.

“Citizens For Positive Government” charged that Cassanelli acted unprofessionally in her position and has not supported funding for many county programs. She’s also accused of attempting to violate the county charter in the process to fill a vacancy on the board of commissioners, among other allegations.

Cassanelli denied the allegations, saying the charges against her were vague and politically motivated to get her out of the courthouse. She issued a statement indicating she intended to fight the recall: “A person should be recalled if they violate their oath of office; and I voted to uphold the Federal Constitution, and the State constitution, and the laws thereof. As far as I now, I haven’t broken any of those laws”.

Petitioner Ed Bowers says he submitted a petition recall against Cassanelli because no one else did. “The primary reason for me is the way she treated the veterans and the dysfunction that happens every single meeting,” said Bowers.

The last time Josephine County recalled a commissioner was in 1978 when George Calvert and Ben Kilpatrick were recalled in two separate elections close together.