Josephine Co. To Auction Hoarded Animals

MERLIN, Ore. – Josephine County Commissioners have given the green light for the county’s health department to adopt out and auction off the hundreds of animals seized in a September animal hoarding and abuse case.

257 animals were seized, from chickens and cattle to 177 miniature horses, and dozens of dogs, cats, goats and other animals. 17 of the horses are being cared for at the County Animal Shelter. The others are at various foster homes. County officials said Cave Junction resident Kandi Crow has signed over all rights to the animals.

“It’s costing us, everyday, whatever a ton of hay costs, because we’re going through a ton of hay a day, and whatever special needs individual animals have,” said Public Health Director Diane Hoover.

Many animals had parasites or other illnesses. She says none of the horses had ever had hooves trimmed or dental care. No date has been set for the horse auction, or for a trial on the animal abuse charges.


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  1. julier says:

    Auctioned off–really? Are these poor animals going to get more of the same if auctioned off to others who can’t properly take care of their needs? Is there any kind of background check done on the people who will be bidding on these animals?

  2. ellen says:

    I totally parrot Julier’s comments. These poor animals could be going from the frying pan to the fire if background checks are not done. Why can’t an adoption fee be set, with people filling out applications?

  3. Sandra says:

    My God, these people give part of there life and emotions to these animals. There are far more wonderful, caring people in the world than there are bad. Shame On You to the nieve people that do not know the work of the Animal Shelters. Take a week out of your life to volunteer and you will know what real life is about.

  4. Jamie says:

    My fear is that her friends will buy these horses and give them back to her. I also don’t know who or how many people will be able to buy these minis? The market for minis is awful. Minis are gien away all the time. I hope they find good homes too. But there are more Kandi Crows in our area on a smaller scale. They keep breeding these poor minis instead of loving them for the wonderful animals they are. God help them…

  5. J.T. says:

    I have worked in an animal shelter, oversaw and helped with numerous animal investigations, and currently oversee a volunteer animal rescue organization. I have personally handled cases like this one from start to finish. It takes an investment of a little time and people power (can be done by volunteers) but it is important to go through an adoption and screening process for animals like these or deal with them again later. I have guidelines and application formats specifically for abused and neglected animals that have been seized and adopted out and am happy to share that. I do not recommend auctioning them off.

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