Jonathan and David Cornish: AAotW

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Jonathan Cornish is one of the top cross country runners in the state. At the 3K season opening meet on August 31st, the North Valley senior finished second.

“I just love the competitiveness,” said. “I’m a really competitive person.”

So it must have killed him that his biggest competitor finished first in the meet.

“We definitely push each other. We just want to beat each other really bad,” said Cornish.

Cornish’s top competition is not only his teammate, but his twin brother, David.

“I always want to beat him. He wants to beat me. It’s very good,” said David Cornish.

“A lot of times we get kind of these sibling runners,” said cross country coach Dave Moeny, “but having two at the same age is really exciting because then you can really build a team around that.”

As a team, North Valley finished second in the state in 2011, with Johnathan ranked fifth individually and David 16th. If the two keep improving, it’s possible fans will be seeing double on the medal stand later in the fall.