Josephine County: GMO Plant Ban

Groups speak out against GMOs.GRANTS PASS, Ore.– Voters in Josephine county are being asked to decide on a measure to ban genetically modified plants from the county. Even if Measure 17-58 is passed, it will be hard to enforce.

Last October Oregon Representatives passed a bill making it illegal to ban GMOs from any city or county in the state. Jackson County was an exception to the rule because they were already approved to be on the ballot before January 31st. It is not illegal to place the measure on the ballot, but nothing will change if the measure passes.

Activists said despite the law, they hope voters will make their voices heard in this election. This is what voters had to say.

YES: 58% with 13,773 votes

NO: 42% with 10,131 votes


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  1. Jim Knight says:

    Looks like I will buy my vegetables and stuff in Jackson County

  2. Zach says:

    Yet another reason to have voted for the GMO ban in Jackson County – now the Valley will gain a reputation as an area 100% free of questionable GMO crops and farmers will be able to get a small premium on their crop prices like in Marin and Santa Cruz Valleys!

  3. Randy Pollock says:

    The State law can be successfully overturned. This measure is the proper exercise of Josephine County’s power to “abate a nuisance” that Salem has NO authority to interfere with. The nuisance is the pollen generated BY the GMO seeds. The County is. in effect, declaring plants artificially generated to resist pesticides as “noxious weeds” that absorb arsenic in a form toxic to kidneys. Those plants’ pollen passes that ability to capture arsenic to nearby farms that do not plant the genetically-modified versions of that crop.

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