Jo-Gro Facility to Close

JoGroNEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A facility processing waste-water bio-solids in Grants Pass for more than a decade will soon be shutting down.

Wednesday night, city council approved disposing of waste-water solids in the Dry Creek Landfill in White City.

Council members say they chose this option to save thousands of dollars a year in operational costs. The city of Grants Pass has been using the Jo-Gro facility in Merlin for the last 12 years.

“We’ll be saving somewhere between 200 to 220 thousand dollars a year in operational costs as well as we’ve got a million dollar of capital cost we need to spend in Jo-Gro by keeping it open,” said Terry Haugen, with Grants Pass Public Works.

The employees working at Jo-Gro will still be employed by the city. Officials plan to move them in open positions in the city.