Jewish Community Increases Security

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Monday¬†marks the first day of the Jewish holiday Passover. The Chabad Jewish Center hosted its Passover Seder at the Bellview Grange in Ashland and they took extra precautions.

The leaders of tonight’s ceremonies say they were shocked to hear of what police are calling a hate crime occurred in Kansas City. Three people were killed at a Jewish Community Center and a Jewish retirement complex. Chabad Jewish Center’s rabbi, Avi Zwiebel, said he¬†surprised to hear it was a hate crime directed at his own religion.

“It hit home [for me] and was very personal. They were just attacked for the fact that they were Jewish, and here I’m Jewish as well. So it was very saddening,” said Zwiebel.

Despite the hard time for the Jewish community, Chabad’s leaders say they will still host the events they had planned, but they also say they will be extra cautious during the celebrations.
Chabad leaders say they spoke with the Ashland Police and asked for increased security, and they also said leaders and members were on the look out for any suspicious behavior.

Zwiebel hopes that coming together on Monday will help ease nerves in the area, and they will keep those who lost their lives in mind during the event.

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Did the other two temple/synagogues in Ashland also request extra patrols?

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