Jettstream Wins Angel Prize

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — A group of Southern Oregon investors have made their decision. They have awarded a $220,000 investment to a medical equipment company.

The founders of Jettstream wanted to develop methods to help families and doctors treat young children with asthma and on Thursday they convinced investors at the Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network Conference that it was a plan worth supporting.

Jetstream was officially named the winner of the Angel Investment grand prize, and the company will receive a $220,000 investment. The company is patenting a system called the jettpak, which helps deliver asthma medication to young children while they sleep.

The founder says it is an easier alternatize to nebulizer masks and inhalers. She credits the hard work and scrutiny of the investors in helping refine their pitch and their business plan.

“A lot of feedback, a lot of hard questions were asked, which are the best questions to get because we can take those and fill the holes and take a harder look at ourself. It really helps to define our company in this conversation,” said Jettstream Founder, Sarah Cota

Joma Films, a production company based in Southern Oregon, was voted the top “concept-stage” company and received $11,000 to help grow the business.

As for the other four companies, they say they’re not going home empty handed in this experience. They say learning from SOREDI and networking from investors has helped them create contacts, meet potential partners, and learn new ways to launch their start-up companies.