Jet Boat Tours Offered at TouVelle

Jet BoatsCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — For the very first time, jet boat excursions are being offered at state parks.

TouVelle State Park in Jackson County is the only one to offer the service for the time being. Rogue Jet Boat Adventures is a private company under a trial period with the state park. The goal of the jet boats is to keep money in Jackson County.

It also helps to educate guests on the historic elements of Table Rock and Native American tribes.

“You’re going to see wildlife, you are going to see some amazing natural land marks, and untouched  sections of the Rogue River that people just don’t realize,” said Taylor Grimes, Owner of Rogue Jet Boat Adventures.

The boat will travel up and down the Rogue River on a fourteen mile stretch of river.

If you are interested in the jet boat tours, one must make reservations ahead of time.  The jet boat tours run seven days a week and launch at 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Click here for more information.


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  1. Heather says:

    Where do we find contact information to make reservations and how much does it cost?

    1. Beth says:

      Heather at the end of the article there is a link to “click” for more information.

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