JCSD9 Gets Weapons Recommendations

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EAGLE POINT, Ore.– After a year of collaboration, Jackson County School District 9 in Eagle Point finally has a recommendation from its safety weapons committee.

The committee decided against recommending armed staff and teachers, but came up with several other options. Single point entries, cameras, and panic buttons were among some of those recommendations.

Administrators say they will continue to evaluate the committee’s research to make safety improvements.

“I am so grateful because it has really resulted in real clarity around the work, and going in, we lacked clarity,” said the district’s superintendent Cynda Rickert.

Though the committee recommended to not arm teachers, several committee members did share personal opinions asking the board to remove part of the code that prohibits staff with conceal and carry licenses from having a firearm on campus. If the board did decide to do this, staff with conceal and carry weapons could have firearms to possibly use as a last resort without the district being liable.