Jail Worker Accused of Selling Drugs

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon woman is accused of selling heroin inside the Jackson County Jail while working there as a contract employee.

The arresting affidavit says it happened around October 15th. Camilla Lynn Pierce says an inmate, Andrew Caucutt, arranged for her to meet with another woman, Jade Powell, to get the drugs. The probable cause affidavit says Pierce received $500 cash for getting the “gumball-size” piece of heroin to inmates.

On Monday, police arrested and charged Camilla, Powell, and both inmates on charges of supplying, possessing, and delivering heroin.

Pierce was working in the Jackson County Jail as a part of the medical team. The Sheriff’s office says Camilla was a contract employee through the company “ConMed” based out of Maryland.