Jail Beds are Costing Community


Jail Beds

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Kristine Quicker brings her grandchildren to parks in Grants Pass.

“But parks, parks are the fundamental things of the family’s,” Quicker commented. “This is a place where you can come and it doesn’t cost any money to come and have a picnic.”

For her, keeping her grandchildren safe is important.

“You want to be able to not have your kids to be 10 feet from them to play and ride bikes like all of the kids I’m with are doing,” Quicker added. “Playgrounds that are safe and equipment that is kept up.”

But several city projects to improve parks, or public areas are halted. The city is pulling funding from projects to pay for the million dollar jail bed contract. Out of the several projects, Fruitdale Creek Trail, used for biking, running and walking, will not be extended. Building trails leading to schools will also be stopped.

“I’m hoping this will be a one-time redirection of funds,” Bikeways and Walkways Chairman, Darcy Englan, said. “The county has a major problem that needs to be solved. I can’t blame the City Council.”

Quicker also doesn’t blame the council’s decision.

“I can’t really say how they can fix this whole funding thing but it definitely has to be fixed and we definitely need to get our law enforcement back in place,” Quicker said.

City events like the “Walkways and Parkways” event is also cancelled to pay for the jail contract. That event brought several local businesses together. This would have been the third year for the event.