Jacob Tompkins Sentenced For Sex Abuse

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — One of two brothers that pleaded guilty to sexually abusing their young cousin has learned his fate.

Jacob Tompkins was sentenced to 12 years behind bars. The sentence comes after Tompkins agreed to a plea deal pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree sexual abuse. While Jacob Tompkins showed no emotion, his victim, a member of his own family, as well as her mother and Tompkins’ ex-wife, couldn’t hold back tears.

After learning he would serve 12 years for two counts of first degree sex abuse, the judge read a statement from the victim’s mother, stating: “You stole my little girl’s innocence and childhood […] the ultimate betrayal.”

During court, the girl he abused for six years also read a statement. Tompkins’ victim was just six-year-old when the abuse started. The now-teenager stood up in court, saying she would never be the same and telling him, “I will never be a normal girl. I will never be able to have a normal life because of what you’ve done.” The victim and her mother say they do not forgive the broken trust Tompkins created.

“As you saw in the courtroom, the scars of sexual abuse of a child aren’t on the outside. They’re not bruises or cuts or something that you can see with your eye and that heals, they’re on the inside, and from my experience, they last much longer,” states Ryan Mulkins, the Josephine County Deputy DA.

Tomkins chose not to make a statement in court. Tompkins’ mother was also in court and she says despite a guilty plea, she does not believe her son is guilty. His brother David Tompkins was sentenced to 15 years in May. David received additional years because he abused a second victim.