Rep. Richardson on Run for Governor

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PORTLAND, Ore. – The Gubernatorial race is shaping up in Oregon with Central Point representative Dennis Richardson officially accepting the primary win. That means he will run against current Governor John Kitzhaber in November.

Unofficial results have Richardson winning by a wide margin with more than 66% of the vote. Retired businessman Gordon Challstrom took second on the ballot with just under 10% of the vote. Meanwhile Governor Kitzhaber ran virtually unopposed, with all other challengers, including write-ins, at less than 12%.

Richardson, who held his campaign party in the Portland area, says he’s hopeful about the general campaign ahead.

“I know it’s difficult to take out an incumbent who has 95% name recognition,” said Richardson. “But with that name recognition comes responsibility for justifying the failures of his administration.”

Pre-primary polls done in April and May have Kitzhaber ahead by a hair. Richardson is also running in a state that hasn’t elected a republican governor since 1982. But the Jackson County Republican Party says his name recognition and strong stance on Cover Oregon will allow him to close that gap.

Richardson says his campaign will immediately switch gears and go into general election mode on Wednesday. He says he and his wife are buying an apartment in Portland, in addition to their Central Point home, to get to know the voters in the area during the months ahead.

Here are the preliminary results:

Republican Governor:

Dennis Richardson: 66% with 95,413 votes

Bruce A Cuff: 9% with 13,754 votes

Gordon Challstrom: 10% with 14,589 votes

Tim Carr: 6% with 8,689 votes

Mae Rafferty: 7% with 8,689 votes

Darren Karr: 1% with 1,545 votes

Write-in: 1% with 1,265 votes

Democratic Governor:

John Kitzhaber: 88% with 162,612 votes

Ifeanyichukwu C Diru: 10% with 18,133 votes

Write-in: 2% with 3,388 votes