Jackson County: Library Tax District

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Here are the results so far:

YES: 54% with 28,966 votes

NO: 46% with 24,852 votes

MEDFORD, Ore. — Measure 15-122 would create a permanent library taxing district and create a five-person board to oversee library funding. The board could impose a tax of up to 60 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value to keep libraries open and increase hours and programs. If passed, libraries would no longer be under the supervision of Jackson County Commissioners.

The board could choose to tax any amount up to the 60 cents per $1,000. Swift said it is unlikely the board would tax the full amount, and said a smaller amount is still enough to keep all 15 branches open with some expanded hours. It would also allow funds to be put into reserves, she said.

Jackson County Commissioners have said if the measure does not pass, 14 branches would close, with only the Medford branch remaining open. If no additional funding is found by 2015, the Medford branch would close as well.

In 2007, all 15 libraries were temporarily closed because of budget cuts, and voters rejected a tax levy to keep them open. The branches reopened later that year when additional funding was made available, and have been operating with reduced hours and services ever since.

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  1. Cindy says:

    This was not the way to keep them open, I think that it is ridiculous that people who don’t own property can vote on issues that can raise property taxes as most don’t have to pay it and it is not fair for the property owner to pay while renters don’t pay nothing. As statements stating the landlord does that does not equate as that is not everyone. There should be an equal way for all to cover things and not just the homeowner.

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