Jackson County Sheriff Race

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Here are the results so far:

Mike Winters: 30% with  13,176 votes

Bob Sergi: 23% with 10,215 votes

Corey Falls: 46% with 20,281 votes

MEDFORD, Ore. – In the race for Jackson County Sheriff, incumbent Mike Winters is being challenged by Jackson County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Bob Sergi and Ashland Police Deputy Chief Corey Falls.

Winters was elected Jackson County Sheriff in 2002 and reelected in 2006 and 2010. Sergi has been with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office since 2010, and was with the Medford Police Department for 20 years prior to that. Falls has worked for the Ashland Police Department since 2008 and was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2011.

Sergi was recently the subject of an Oregon Department of Justice investigation, after a complaint was filed by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office accusing Sergi of using an employee roster for campaign purposes. Sergi was placed on administrative leave by the office during the investigation. After several weeks, the DOJ concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to move forward with a criminal case, and dropped the investigation.

Both Sergi and Falls criticized Winters’ use of sheriff’s funds, including the use of a county helicopter to assist in drug investigations in Siskiyou County. Falls said he wanted to see more resources being used to accredit Jackson County deputies and cut down on violence against women and children. Sergi had pointed to his experience in the county, and said he received a majority of support in a recent poll of sheriff’s office employees. Winters cited his record as sheriff, and his experience balancing the department’s budget amid uncertain economic times.