Jackson County: GMOs Banned

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MEDFORD, Ore.– Chances are, you’ve seen political advertisements surrounding the growth of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. Both sides of Measure 15-119 have been campaigning for weeks, trying to influence voters about banning the growth of GMO’s in the county.

It is a measure only Jackson County voters will have the chance to decide on, since similar efforts are banned from the state. Last October, Oregon representatives passed two bills prohibiting any county or city from enforcing measures which regulate agricultural, flower, nursery and vegetable seeds or their products. Those behind the effort in Jackson County gathered enough signatures and filed proper paperwork just before the rule went into effect.

This campaign brought in big bucks on both sides. Campaign leaders say about $900,000 in donations went to those opposing the ban. About $400,000 in donations went to those supporting the ban.

For a look at financial activity in the election, click here.

This is what the voters decided:

YES: 65.79% with 35,948 votes

NO: 34.21% with 18,694 votes




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  1. citizen in agriculture says:

    Once again ignorance has prevailed with ballot measure 15-119. When will the voting public do the right thing and actually research for themselves about the issue at hand, instead of listening to the blah, blah, blah on the television. As one who has worked in agriculture and has a student who wants to pursue and education in agriculture I am deeply discouraged at the outcome of this ballot. Now we will see how this is going to affect Jackson County. How they will ever enforce it is beyond me.

    1. Happy Voter says:

      Maybe you can teach your student to grow plants as God intended and follow the will of the voters – as you can clearly see 66% or 2/3 of the voters in our county want healthy, natural foods. A contributing member of society recognizes the laws and rules that are in place and works hard to follow them. A non-contributing criminal works hard to disobey the will of the people for their own selfish gain – not what is best for society. What lesson do you want to teach your student?

    2. Jeanne Chouard says:

      The YES campaign worked hard to educate the public about the threat of genetically engineered crops to our local farms. Researchers came to the Rogue Valley and presented their findings. There were frequent film nights and public education events.
      Although multinational chemical companies such as Monsanto (put in $183,000 plus in the No Campaign) and Syngenta (chipping in $75,000 plus), Bayer, DuPoint, Dow (all chipping in around $22,000) tried to sway voters with misleading television advertisements, it looks like the majority of Jackson County voters clearly understood than pollen travels too easily in this narrow valley–and that the gmo patented pollen threatened to contaminate local crops and put nongmo (not just only organic) farmers out of business. Since the companies that own the patents to gmo seeds force farmers to sign lengthy and restrictive contracts when these farmers purchase these seeds, the new measure will be simple to enforce. These contracts will be void. Counties with similar measures have experienced very little difficulties with enforcement or enforcement costs. In the end , the results of this election show that “You can’t buy Jackson County.” Thank you to everyone who voted YES and stood by the majority of our family farmers here in Jackson County, Oregon.

  2. A grateful Jackson county organic farmer says:

    I know how it’s going to effect our farm…we will now be able to again grow certified organic beta seeds without the treat of our crop being contaminated by GE sugar beets being grown in my neighborhood. This is a great day for our farm and other farms in our region. Bye, Bye Syngenta/Monsanto :). You wasted a good deal of money with your lies. People are starting to wake up.

    1. Abraxas says:


  3. Sklaratowa says:

    Name one person, document just one, who has ever died because of a “GMO.”

    1. Alexandria Wessel says:

      Thank you for asking such a good question. Happy to answer, followed by links to research for yourself.

      Following the introduction of GE soy and the Monsanto products used to grow them in Malvinas Argentinas ( a village surrounded by these GE soy plantations), miscarriages have increased 100 times. In the province of Chaco, birth defects have quadrupled in the decade following the introduction of GE crops. Infertility has skyrocketed as well since the introduction of these crops in Argentina (a large exporter of GE products). The University of Buenos Aires Dr. Andres Carrasco says Argentina should place a moratorium on these crops because they are poisoning the people.


  4. Helen says:

    Congratulations!!!!, a great day for you and step forward the world.
    @Citizen in agriculture, I am sorry but can I suggest that you widen your research. It is only because so much science was suppressed and corrupted that GMOs were ever allowed to be released. The one piece of info about their food that people wanted was withheld, while packaging was plastered with other detailed food facts, many quite useless to most people, and some misleading.
    This is such great news :)

  5. Zach says:

    Pleased to see how intelligent the voters of the county are. There are absolutely no proven benefits to allowing GMO crops in our valley and plenty of potential downside. GMOs have not shown to produce greater yields, insects are beginning to show signs of evolving resistance to the insecticides planted into the GMO crops so what then?, and we’ve all seen the negatives of corporate control of industry: we have the highest cell phone bills, the slowest broadband but the highest internet bills, state governments are hiding the identities of the companies from which they purchase their lethal injection drugs, wall street got off the hook after nearly bankrupting our country, the list goes on. We’ve seen the ill effects of governement and copororate partnerships and the last thing we want is to give control of our food source to them. Good for you Jackson County!

  6. Kevin Herbert says:

    Once again ignorance prevails. The small hobby farmers won. Lack of understanding and education fueled this win. These same people will complain when the real farmers are forced to use pesticides and chemicals again. That was the point of GMO, to produce hearty plants that are pest and drought tolerant, so the use of chemicals can be reduced or eliminated. The though process behind this baffles me. I am afraid the trend is steering towards our voting population being the same people that use pot as a “medicine” and those you find in the grocery store mid-day wearing their pajamas, filling their cart with cheetos and coke, while yelling at children who should be in school. Jackson County, we are in trouble.

    1. CannabisTV says:

      Thanks for the laugh Kevin Herbert. You sound like a funny idiot. You think cannabis doesn’t have efficacy as medicine? Hilarious. You think GMO crops result in reduced chemical use? I can’t stop laughing. Your ignorance is tremendous. GMO is a poison, it’s a danger to our society and the corporations pushing it are corrupt and have no concern for poisoning our land and citizens. I guess you feel the same since you support them. You talk about ignorance? Look in the mirror man, you exemplify willful ignorance. We don’t need baseball sized, flavorless strawberries or any of that other GMO poison garbage. If you want some, go ahead and move to somewhere that tolerates that kind of garbage.

  7. Citizen A says:

    A big round of applause for Jackson County. I’m very pleased to live in an area where people value the Earth. Mother Nature has been at this a long time and she has many secrets humans will never find answers to. She has the tiniest interactions occurring between all of life and to mess with that precision by genetically altering plants is just plain insane! Once altered, you can never regain the original. If it works – don’t fix it. If it works – don’t break it. We are the ones that need to adapt ourselves to the Earth, not the other way around. To “citizen in agriculture” I would say this, create a relationship with the Earth and she will respond.

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