Jacksonville Talks Medical Pot Laws

Jacksonville potJACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Another Rogue Valley city is taking up the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries. This time, the Jacksonville city council will talk about whether to allow those facilities.

The council talked about the issue for the first time at Tuesday’s council meeting. Jacksonville mayor Paul Becker said the city does not currently have any kind of ordinance to prohibit a medical pot dispensary from opening in city limits.

The council will not make a decision Tuesday, and council members said there is a lot of discussion ahead.

“We’re saying something that’s been illegal and you could go to jail for, all of a sudden is fine and there’s no problem to it,” said city councilor Paul Hayes. “And I don’t think that’s something that overnight, you can just change your mind.”

Cities across the Rogue Valley have talked about the issue in recent months. Medford has said it would not allow dispensaries in city limits. Phoenix is discussing the option of placing a temporary ban on the dispensaries to give the city council more time to study state laws about medical marijuana.

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  1. MaryMac says:

    Paul Hayes, why on Earth are you unable to change your mind ‘overnight’?? Are you so limited in your beliefs and so restricted in your thinking that you need someone else to do it for you? Do you even really know what you think?

    We need a new consciousness to deal with this new issue. We need people who are forward thinking and will act on the good for everyone. Our county is suffering from loss of a natural resource because of clear-cutting and environmental degradation. We can easily bring back that income and much more with the implementation of dispensaries, environmentally conscious grow sites, and hemp cultivation. Time to move ahead with the times instead of acquiescing to fear propaganda.

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