Jacksonville Rescue Crews Fight Flooding

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — According to fire officials, Jacksonville firefighters responded to the 600 block of Beverly Way in the early morning hours on Sunday. Upon arrival firefighters say they discovered a river of water flowing down the property line of 580 Beverly Way and out of the vents in the foundation of that residence.

According to a press release, a river of water was also flowing down the opposite property line between this address and 605 Beverly Way through a side yard and through a fenced in area. Fire officials also discovered a heavy flow of water along the side yards in Offord Circle.

Firefighters say they made a request for activation of the Jacksonville Community Emergency Response Team to assist at the scene and requested sand and sand bags from the City’s Public Works Department. Jacksonville Firefighters and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) filled sand bags and placed them divert the flow of the water and to minimize damage to the residences affected. According to a press release, water did fill two of the homes crawl spaces under the residences on Beverly Way and into one of the garages.

The Jacksonville Firefighters, volunteers and members of the CERT worked for several hours to fill sand bags and divert the water to lessen the impact of the raging water. The Jacksonville Public Works provided sand and sand bags for the operation.