Jacksonville Fire Keeps 24 Hour Schedule


JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Jacksonville Fire Department will continue to offer full 24 hour protection to Jacksonville residents.

The city council approved the hire of a new employee that saved the department from having to cut their hours by as much as half. If the new staff would not have been approved, the department would be forced to drop their hours to as little as 12 hour days.

The department currently has two shifts that cover all hours of the day, and has been operating as a 24 hour response service since 2005.

With council approval, the department will continue to operate at that full capacity.

“A lot of the medical aid is dependent on 24 hour service, so some of those calls are life-threatening type situations… and certainly those people will benefit from having a 24 hour protection,” said Fire Chief Devin Hull.

The new budget that will accommodate a new employee will take effect on July 1st.