Jacksonville Farmer’s Market Expands

7-20 jville marketJACKSONVILLE, Ore. – The Jacksonville Farmer’s Market is exploding this year, roughly doubling in size since last summer according to managers. They say part of the reason it is growing is because it offers some unique features others can’t.

Since last summer, the market has gone from 20 to 25 vendors, to now roughly 50. They’ve added an entire section, now snaking around the lawn of the historic courthouse. And they’ve added a brand new music stage.

Organizers say they aren’t tracking customers coming and going, but they anticipate the growth in vendors will lead to more people.

“I think it’s word of mouth, it’s buzz,” said Market Manager Chad Worcester. “This is a wonderful place. I mean, it’s a park!”

Worcester says they’re already in talks with the city manager about areas into which they can expand.

Meanwhile vendors say, even though the market is still a bit smaller than those in Medford, Ashland, or Grants Pass, the casual and comfortable atmosphere makes it worth coming back.

“You can always walk around here barefoot on the grass, and dogs are around,” said Barbara Steuk, Co-Owner of Vintner’s Kitchen. “It’s just much more comfortable.”

The market is already in talks with the Jacksonville city manager to look at other areas of the courthouse lawn in which to expand.

They say they could be up to as many as 70 vendors in the near future.


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  1. Amy says:

    what day of the week does this occur on?

    1. Ashley Hall says:

      Every Sunday from 9:00-12:30

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