Sheriff Responds to Jail Employee Arrest

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff speaks out after a nurse is arrested for selling heroin inside the jail.

Sheriff Winters says the jail’s security measures are already changing as a result of this arrest. The nurse was contracted to give medical care inside the jail and she is accused of conspiring with other people to sell the drugs inside the jail.

Affidavits reveal Andrew Caucutt arranged for the nurse, 45-year-old Camilla Pierce, to meet Jade Powell at a location outside the jail. Pierce received two envelopes, one with a gumball sized piece of heroin and the other $500 cash. She delivered the drug to Caucutt and kept the money.

Investigators found out through a tip over the weekend. The sheriff tells NewsWatch 12 he is reviewing security measures. The sheriff is not giving specifics on what type of procedural changes will happen, but he did say none of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office employees were involved with Pierce and this incident.

“This was strictly a contract employee, so we’ll review all of our procedures and different things. If our employees, you know, if somebody had been involved, absolutely they would have been terminated,” Sheriff Winters said.

Thursday morning, a grand jury is meeting to hear from investigators and staff involved in Pierce’s case.


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  1. Bonnie says:

    I am very disturbed that the news keeps saying that a NURSE at the jail was arrested for passing drugs. When looking at the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) webpage there is NO Camilla Pierce listed as a nurse. There is a Camilla Lynn Pierce that had a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) card that expired 10/14/2010. A CNA is not a nurse and does not have the medical training a nurse is required to obtain. Since Ms. Pierce could not practice as a nurse in Oregon without being licensed with the OSBN I doubt she is a NURSE. This kind of mis-representation is harmful not only to nurses, but to our medical community in which patients must place their trust.

    1. Mary says:

      Thank you Bonnie!! To all the Nurses in the community and in Oregon and all over the world, we are HORRIFIED when the news continues to say the word “Nurse” because Camilla was NOT a nurse. She was a Medication technician and that is all. She had no formal training, certification, or credentials. I wish the News would stop throwing around the word “Nurse” like they do.

  2. susie says:

    I agree ….VERY BIG MIS-REPRESENTATION OF WHAT A “NURSE” IS AND SHOULD ACT LIKE !!!! SHE NEEDS TO PAY THE PRICE FOR HER VERY WRONG DECISION MAKING SKILLS !!! This is not the kind of person we want inter-acting with the public, in the form she portrayed !!!!!!

    I hope the court does not take lightly to this and SHE PAYS !!!!

  3. Kathy says:

    If you had listened to the piece, they said that she was a contract nurse and she worked for a company back east. At least when she was confronted she did not deny it and told them who was involved. I think with her telling the truth this was probably the reason that the Grand Jury found cause to have her arrested,

  4. Jane says:

    In response to Kathy’s comment: It doesn’t matter where the contracting company is headquartered (Con Med is in Kentucky) a nurse (or CNA) has to be licensed in the state he/she is practicing in.

  5. Nurse who used to work there says:

    When the medical got contracted out to Con-Med about 5 – 6 years ago. They had really great Med Tech who were 2 older women who worked there for years. Conmed and the NEW nurse manager let them go. They both had a lot of experience and were great but were not CNA’s so they were let go, for a new model. LOL! You get what you pay for.

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