Jackson County Sheriff Holds Scam Forum


MEDFORD, Ore. — Tonight scam artists and their manipulative ways were exposed at a community workshop.

Several people attended the educational forum hosted by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Speakers covered which scams are most prevalent and told people how to check to see if their private information can be accessed online by a scam artist.

“It seems that fraud has been on the rise all over the united states, and so I was interested to see what the statistics are here in Medford and what types of various fraud are occurring,” said Edie Gilder, who attended the workshop.

Speakers also offered tips and tricks to prevent personal information from being taken, and offered handouts for what to do if you suspect your identity has been stolen.

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  1. Annie says:

    1 of the best ways to avoid fraud & scammers is stay away from our local CraigsList!
    MOST of those ads posted are scams. Especially in the lost & found & pets categories. Very few are legitimate.
    Wish I could have been at the forum. Bet it was good.
    Thanks sheriff.

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