Jackson County Reaches Water Agreement

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MEDFORD, Ore. – About 30% of the water in Jackson County seeps into the ground before it has a chance to reach your faucet. More than a dozen organizations came to an agreement that will improve both water quality and quantity in the Rogue Valley. The impacts of this agreement will be felt from Bear Creek to farms to kitchen sinks.

The water in the Rogue Valley is on it’s way to getting a boost to both pressure and clarity. Wednesday, more than a dozen organizations signed the plan called Water for Irrigation Streams and Economy or WISE for short. The agreement is expected to improve the water infrastructure by replacing old canals with new pipes.

The effects of the agreement will also help the Rogue Valley’s agriculture industry. The irrigation systems that farmers depend on will now have a larger water supply to draw from.

Environmental groups are also pleased with the effort and expect habitats for wildlife to improve. Officials say will improve the water infrastructure in the Little Butte Creek and Bear Creek watersheds. Environmental impact statements are now in the works before more steps can be taken.