Jackson County Parks Needing Public Input

By Sharon Ko

WHITE CITY, Ore. — A new park could be coming soon to the Rogue Valley and park officials need your input. Jackson County park officials say they can see endless possibilities looking at the 13 mile stretch of the Rogue River.

“From Givan Ranch Park downstream to Gold Nugget Falls, and what we’re looking at is the changing use pattern in relation to the removal of Gold Ray Dam,” says Jackson County Parks project manager, Steven Lambert.

Southern Oregon residents say they have a few ideas.

“I can probably think of barbeque places, you know, some place to swim, where families can go and have fun,” says Owen King.

Through a grant, the planning process is underway with the help from experts.

“We don’t recieve any funds from them, but we recieve help from them out of their Seattle field office, and they have people who do river planning projects like this. They’re really good at it because that’s all they do,” says Lambert.

But this project is only in its beginning stages.

“This is totally dependent on funding and it could be 10 years out or could be 20 years out, we just want to get a feel for how the public is using this stretch of the river,” says Lambert.

Park officials expect the planning process to be completed by 2013. For the online survey on the new park, click here.