Jackson County Health Changes Services

By Christy Lewis

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Public Health is making changes to the way it provides mental health services to children. The director said it will only be a matter of days that the Jackson County Public Health Department will be low on staff. In fact, they’re conducting interviews tomorrow to fill the void.

The department director says it lost one of the three child psychiatrists recently. This means they will contract more hours from the other two existing psychiatrists; those doctors were just part-time before. This loss pushed the department toward more financial efficiency.

The director plans to hire more qualified employees to provide care for patients, saying that hiring another psychiatrist may not be the best solution. The director said the Jackson County Public Health Department contracted some work to outside agencies in the community that have been abbreviated, adding to the other loss.

Despite these changes, the department will continue to provide the same services to its existing patients and will continue to welcome new patients. The director said the Affordable Care Act played a big role in the changes happening at the health center.