Jackson County Heads Region in CART

cartMedford, Ore. — If there is a ever child abduction case in Southern Oregon, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office now holds the lead role for coordinating a multi-agency response.

The Child Abduction Response Team or CART just finished a re-certification process and is now one of only 20 with that certification in the country and the only team in Oregon. Law enforcement, the District Attorneys Office, city police and social service agencies would share resources when responding to a child abduction case.

“Those are the type of cases that would be every parent’s worst nightmare to have happen. So you want a real organized response to how you’re dealing with it. It takes a lot of resources. So any one police agency may not have all the resources that it would need at a moment’s notice,” said Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert.

Heckert also said Jackson County is a good home base for the CART team because she said the area has a history of multi-agency cooperation in major cases.